Music’s Composable Future ft. Dan FowlerListen now | Blockchain fundamentals, alternative funding models, and a path towards true supply-side disruption
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December 2022

An antidote against music ownership and its discontents?
What happens when talk is cheap?

October 2022

Music NFTs Don't ExistListen now (13 min) | Do music NFTs actually exist? If they do, how should we utilize them?
Notes on the future of music creation

July 2022

Applying Scott Kominers and Jad Esber’s two-token framework to build healthy music communities

June 2022

Platforms exercise autocratic control over artists’ careers—but it doesn’t have to be this way.

February 2022

A data-driven look inside the music careers of TikTok-native creators
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January 2022

introducing Timestamp — a snapshot in time in the music cryptoverse

December 2021

Notes on the power of 1000 invested fans

October 2021

Why own anything in the age of abundance?