Hey there—it’s Yash. Currently, this newsletter is an outlet for my musings on AI, the music industry, consumer tech, and everything it takes to build within those realms.

This newsletter has had an interesting history:

  • It started out as a music industry news roundup when I was a grad student at Berklee.

  • The news roundup transitioned into news analysis as I neared graduation.

  • As I took on various writing and consultancy gigs, it acted as a space to showcase my thoughts about music and tech, and a potent top of funnel for clients.

  • For a brief moment, we had a paid tier which did surprisingly well.

  • Today, it documents my journey as I build in public. I’m currently working on a constellation of products and services:

Personally, two things motivate me:

  • Writing compels me to organise my fragmented thoughts and make sense of what’s happening in the world and in my mind. 

  • Writing publicly is also a great way to learn publicly—enabling everyone to dissect my closely held assumptions will help every one of us reach higher intellectual ground. 

If you want to get in touch, you can shoot me an email or reach out on X or LinkedIn. I’m always excited to meet like-minded humans! 


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