Jan 20 • 48M

Music’s Composable Future ft. Dan Fowler

Blockchain fundamentals, alternative funding models, and a path towards true supply-side disruption

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Maarten Walraven
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Recently, Maarten and I spoke to Dan Fowler - a true OG in this space. He's been here way before web3 became a buzzword. I mean back when nobody was talking about—let alone building in music crypto.

Currently, Dan leads product and ops at Hifilabs, where they’ve launched interesting projects like MusicOS - an operating system for artists and fans to be their own platforms. He’s also building Neume Network, a decentralised, composable, socially scalable, and open source backend for music. He also writes

which documents his higher level thoughts as he builds all this - I’m a regular reader and I encourage everyone reading/listening to also go check it out!

This was definitely the best conversation we've had on the pod!